Just too many issues...

User Rating: 6 | Sonic Riders PS2
Well, my meaning on Sonic Riders is pretty hard to describe because overall:
- The idea is fun, finally a little change.
- Fair enough selection of characters, racing tracks...
- Graphics did'nt bug me at all.

Though the overall result of this game is pretty fair to my meaning, there are still a massive amount of irritating lacks of gameplay that really keep the game for being an actual experience; like the gas refill: What the hell?! Only realistic racing games have gas refills! It was a real downhill for the entire game! Another idiotic lack that could have easily been prevented is the extreme lack of handiness in the maps; every (yes, even a pro) player stumbles upon a suddenly appearing wall glitch at least once per race. I could go on and on with the bug/glitch reporting, but take it like this: It's like an un-debugged experience.