Sonic Riders had the potential to be good.But it was so disappointing.

User Rating: 5.5 | Sonic Riders PS2
(The only reason I put 100 or more hrs is because I replay this game a lot)
Sonic Riders is kinda good but it's mostly a dissapointment.For one the controlls are in a defenitly in need of an improvement.They are very clunky and it's hard to make some sharp turns and it may leed you to your death when going around in the more complex tracks.The story is about that Sonic joins a racing tournament known as the EX:World Grand Prix hosted by Dr.Eggman.After getting into a race with Babylon Rouges.The new characters in the story.I will just say the Babylon Rouges are annoying I hate them.The races are very frustrating.The racers always seem to be ahead of you.Which really pisses me off because that proves how bad the A.I is in this game.However you can get a quick start if you time it right from the start.But it's pretty hard and if you mess up you will get electrocuted and you won't be able to move for a few seconds.However it pays off if you get it right.The game feels way more fun if you play with friends.It's good for a party game I will tell you right now.Also the music is good.Nice Techno or House music.Fits well with the game.Overall Sonic Riders is medicore.The controlls are clunky,Some of the stages feel unfinsihed and the storyline is really stupid.But if you have a few friends and if you can enjoy the music in this game then you might consider keeping Sonic Riders around.