Sonic Riders is fun at the begining,but later it gets boring!

User Rating: 7 | Sonic Riders PC
Sonic Riders is a fun game when you play it the first time.The game has interesting graphics and a good sound.But the gameplay is not very good. The game features lots of unlockables,it has at least 50 Extreme Gears,and seventeen characters.If you want to unlock all characters you will have to finish the story mode which is not worth wasting your time.The interesting
thing is that you get to play the story mode with six characters.The game is allso fun when you are playing with a friend. The controls are difficult when you are playing with a friend.I would just like if Sonic Riders:Zero Gravity will
come out for pc.

Sonic Riders features few game mods,and fourteen race tracks.PS2 version of Sonic Riders is a million times better then the pc version.The GameCube version sucks.I would rather play Super Mario.I learnd to play Sonic Riders very good and i finished the Metal City race track in 2.09.57 minutes if someone broke that record write a review and tell it.