As people thought Shadow the Hedgehog was worse than this game, they're seriously dead wrong.

User Rating: 4 | Sonic Riders PS2
If people think Shadow the Hedgehog was worse than Sonic Riders, think again. This game is worse than Shadow the Hedgehog. I mean Air Boards to race & end up suffering to grab more air in order to stay on their board and win, what a joke. When you collect rings to upgrade your board & attack and a person attacks you, you're more likely be downgraded and fall off the cliff (if that happens). This game needs some serious tuning up by adding a difficulty level & the proper way to turn on/off the vibration. But looking at Zero Gravity, it's even more of a joke than this game. I don't recommend getting this game or renting it. It's a complete waste of your money. I prefer Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic & the Secret Rings over this game, Zero Gravity, & Sonic the Disgrace/Sonic the Hedgehog/Sonic Next-Gen/Sonic the Disaster.