This is an awesome game which you can find on Sonic Gems Collection for NGC, Xbox, or PS2. This is a great multiplayer!

User Rating: 10 | Sonic R SAT
This game has 9 characters (including Super Sonic) which are playable in this game. Although there are only 5 tracks to choose from, they are very detailed and have many different paths you can take. There are other fun challenges you can take on in any of these stages. This game allows up to 4 players with a smooth frame-rate and you may choose racing or balloon hunt in multiplayer mode. Each of these characters has their own special abilities, which makes this game worth playing again and again. The music is superb and you get the option of hearing vocals with the tunes or just to hear the tunes by themselves.

I reccomend this game to anyone who's looking for a fun time with their friends, or even by themselves.