User Rating: 2.9 | Sonic R SAT
Why does God put stupid ideas like this in a man's mind? Sonic R was a good idea. Sonic is a character of speed and why not give him a racing game? Well, Sonic, hang up your foots and call it a day, because Sonic R is a disaster. Even for the Saturn, the game's graphics were terrible. Not only that, but the gameplay is REALLY slow, way too slow for a Sonic game. You have a s***load of unlockable racers and tracks, {Spoiler!} but not even the Metal characters and Tails Doll can save this game from its unholy abyss. There are hardly any polygons holding this game together, but they still put it out into stores. First, you have Sonic {of course} who is actually one of the most annoying controlled characters. You have the disastrously slow Knuckles that can't seem to get it through his head that he has no muscles holding him down. Next, you get Tails, when he hits full speed, you end up flying off the track and dying and slowly being respawned while characters are zooming past you. You have Robotnik on his hover craft who could easily fly to the finish line (it is his race after all) and Amy Rose, who drives a large and very slow car that makes it a miracle if you beat Sonic. Not only this, but the track designs are bad and the voice acting makes you want to shred off your head with a chainsaw. One of many of Sonic's horrible 3D adventures, but hopefully, the idea of a Sonic the Hedgehog racing game will be restored into the light side by the upcoming game, Sonic Riders.