All you need to know is if you're thinking about buying this game, you'll be playing the best Sonic games on offer

User Rating: 8 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Greatest Hits) PS2
Despite the clearly weaker rating than the more obvious top 100 best game ever listers in my collection, Sonic Mega Collection Plus is one of my favourite games ever (or at least at the time I wrote this review).

So why is this? The graphics are weak for PS2, the sound could of easily been remixed and Sonic Team have even left out Sonic CD, supposedly the best game in the Sonic series.

Here are my answers though: I'm not a graphics lover, I didn't think the sound needed fixing at all and Sonic CD...Well, I'll get back to that later.

All you need to know is if you're thinking about buying this game you'll be getting the best Sonic games on offer, and better yet, they're cheap!

Forget trying to buy a Genesis/Mega Drive and scanning EBay for the cheapest prices of Sonic & Knuckles for that "oh-so-necessary" lock-on.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus has Sonic & Knuckles, as well as the almighty lock-on capabilities that you would expect, so there will be no upset faces about that.

Infact, Sonic Mega Collection Plus has many improvements made to the original games: including savestates- meaning you can even save wherever you like now, hints- for those struggling throughout the game and even unlockable games - like Ristar and Flicky.

Everything is still here: the speed, the fluid control, the enemies, the music, everything! The only problem would be that the gameplay sometimes does slowdown, although slowdown is very occasional and it doesn't bother.

Aswell as the games, Sonic Team have also included the extras, which are both good and bad. In the extras there are various artworks, comics and other types of merchandise that can be viewed and enjoyed.

Sonic Team have also included virtual manuels for the games themselves and movies from Sonic Heroes.But this could of been worked on a whole lot more.

For example, what happened to the movies from Sonic CD? These were viewable on Sonic Mega Collection for Gamecube, but they are missing on the PS2 version.

Also, would it have hurt Sonic Team to include more Sonic games? If this would be the definitive collection of Sonic on the Genesis, why is Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix missing?

Since PS2 disks have over twice the storage of GameCube disks why should they be non-existent in the collection? And why aren't there more extras for the PS2 version instead?

PS2 owners waited a longer time for the collection, so what are the unique extras then? Game Gear games...

But what is the point of these Game Gear games? The games are (mostly) ports of their Genesis brothers and aren't known for being the best Sonic games either, especially Sonic Labyrinth.

The games also look dreadful on a television screen and it is clear they haven't been designed for it either since there are boarders around the screen.

However, despite this, they are fun little games to play anyway. And it is good to finally play the more obscure games in the Sonic series, like Sonic Drift, Sonic Chaos and Sonic Blast.

Also, Sonic Team have provided features, like savestates and hints, with the Game Gear games so it is possible to play these games throughout. Lastly though, it seems there are still "bad Sonic games" in the collection.

So, while it is good to play games like Sonic 3D Blast, they aren't necessarily the most fun games in the collection (which is a shame really since it is the most beautiful).

Overall though, I'd still recommend Sonic Mega Collection Plus on PS2. All the games that made the series famous are here.

The game will feel fresh for newcomers who are itching to try these games out having played the newer games and the retro enthusiasts, like myself, who want to experience the best of Sonic one last time...