One of the best value compilation games out there. A great way to re-discover or get into the good ol' Sonic titles

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Greatest Hits) PS2
The older titles of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise are often considered to be a lot better than the 3D games. This statement is debatable, but either way you look at it, Sonic Mega Collection Plus is a must have for any Sonic fan. It's great for those newer fans who were too young to see his older titles, people who can't be bothered to get the dusty Mega Drive/Genesis out of the cupboard or people like me who never actually owned all of the old games. This is actually a re-release of the original Sonic Mega Collection on GameCube and features some extra MD/G games to unlock and some 8 bit Sonic Titles.

Sonic Mega Collection debatabley the best compilation game to date The game features the trio of Sonic 1, 2 and 3. Sonic and Knuckles, 3D, Spinball and Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine are also present. The 8 bit Library consists of Sonic 1, Sonic Chaos, Blast, Labyrinth, Drift and Mean Bean Machines. There are also some unlockable games.

Covering the preunlocked 16 bit library first:

In Sonic 1, your goal is to run, leap and spin through the stage picking up rings and defeating enemies. Sonic 2 has the same goal, but Miles Tails Prower was added and so was the spin dash ability. Though 2 upgraded the original's formula, it wasn't overall as fun to play - though it is still a good game. Sonic 3 revolutionised the classic formula by adding new abilities and gimmicks to certain levels to help them feel more unique than they did in previous games. Sonic and Knuckles took the core game play from Sonic 3 and enabled you to play as Knuckles who would end up going through different routes in the levels because of his abilities. Sonic and Knuckles was a lock on cartridge so you could insert either Sonic 1, 2 or 3 in the cartridge's slot to get more games - these can be unlocked on this Mega Collection by playing the games a set amount of times.

The remaining pre-unlocked titles on this collection are mediocre at best - but since the other games are so good, the score is not downgraded. Sonic 3D Flickies Island (known as 3D Blast in some other countries) It is played from an isometric perspective and you run around an area and defeat all the robots to rescue the flickies and lead them to the goal ring. Sonic Spinball is extremely difficult - you control Sonic through a pinball machine in an effort to get the Chaos Emeralds, once you collect the set amount you will be taken to the next stage - I've never got past stage 2. And Mean Bean Machine well. It's one of those column stacking games, beans of different colours will fall down and you will have to make a group of the same coloured beans. The aim of the game is to make clumps of coloured beans so they will disappear and prevent your pit from filling.

Now for the 8 bit Titles.

The standard 8 bit Sonic 1 is a fantastic underrated load of fun. Quite challenging, the game has a bigger focus on platforming than speed. Despite sharing the same name, it is actually a different game to the 16 bit version. Sonic Chaos is also pretty fun. You pick either Sonic or Tails and speed through the levels. This game had some pretty cool gimmicks such as rocket shoes and traveling spring boards. Though it was incredibly easy. Sonic Blast was eh... Bland... No comment, just bland. It plays as a standard side scroller and your player characters are Sonic and Knuckles.

Sonic Labyrinth is often regarded as one of the worst Sonic games ever. Basically, you have to walk (not run - Sonic's had his speed shoes stolen) around on an ismoetric perspective defeating enemies with the spin dash trying to collect all the keys to escape the labyrinth. Drift, for what it is, is an allright game really. It's a kart racing game with super simple tracks, but it's actually allright to play. And Mean Bean Machine, I'll be honest - I haven't actually played it.

The games' quality has been improved over the original releases. The screen is a lot clearer and the sound is in stereo. The Game Gear titles appear a little blocky due to really blown up resolution. Why they couldn't use the Master Syetem versions is beyond me. But that's only an extremely small nitpick.

There are some extras in the game such as being able to watch some Sonic Heroes videos. In the extras you are also able to view the Archie Comic illustrations as well as see some concept are of the characters.

As for music, classic Sonic generally does have good music, even the games which I am not so keen on, I have to acknowledge that the music is good. The new music for Mega Collection's menus is nice and good to listen to.

The game will keep you occupied for a while. It's a great way to revisit those classics if you haven't played them for years. It's also great for those who would like to get into the older games in the franchise. It's great value for money too. They sell this in my local stores for £5. So for the total of 20 games, that's only 25p each (details correct at the time this was written) Forget Wii shop Channel, don't waste your money with buying these games on that. Get Mega Collection Plus. A must have

Individual game scores

Sonic 1 = 9.5
Sonic 2 = 7.5
Sonic 3 = 10
Sonic and Knuckles = 8.5
Sonic 3D = 6
Sonic Spinball = 3
Mean Bean Machine = 5.5

Sonic 1 (8bit) = 9
Sonic Chaos = 7.5
Sonic Blast = 4
Sonic Drift = 6
Labyrinth = 2
Mean Bean Machine 8 bit = no rating

Note. When I rate compilations I rate them according to the highest scoring game on it. I don't downgrade scores for bad stuff if the rest is so good that it renders the bad points irrelevant.

- Milesprower2k9 Original Reveiws