Best sonic collection ever

User Rating: 9.3 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Greatest Hits) PS2
Sonic mega collection plus is the best classic sonic collection ever it has 20 games for 20 dollers. It is a must buy for sonic fans. It has the genises games and a few game gear games. The extras are sonic heroes movies, comic bookm covers, illistrations, game cheats tips and tricks, and the oringinal game manules. Heres the ratings the oringinal 13 games are in the smc review.

Sonic 1 GG version 9.2 It is a pretty good and fun game to play a classic.

Sonic chaos 9.4 A fun sonic game where you play as sonic or tails you can do cool stuff like ride on air shoes.

Sonic drift 7.8 A sonic racing gane DrR:MBM GG version 7.4 A ported version of the DrR.MBM

Sonic Labrith 7.7 A puzzle game where sonic try to find key but it slow and he only have his spin dash

Sonic blast 8 A sonic game where you play as sonic or knux it have cool graphic but the gameplay is a little dull

Non-sonic game
The ooze 8.2 a game whre you play as a slime