Ahhhhhh memerys who could forget the sonic tittles that started it all

User Rating: 8.9 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus XBOX
This game was for my birthday my brother got it a few years ago on Game Cube but my dog broke it and it seems impossible to find another one for game cube. this game gave me all the old memerys i had playing sonic 1 and 2 with my older brother ahhhh memerys and i use to call him snogy lol. its got good content like comics and and a few extras like bonus content from Sonic Heroes one of my favourate sonic games. but be warned it pay get booring after a week but this game refines the best Game company mascot there ever was its full fo classics and extra content if you a are a sonic fan and you havent cheked these out GO TO YOU NEAREST EB GAMES AND BUY IT you won't be dissaointed