These were the games I grew up with, and I'm glad they came back on PS2.

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Greatest Hits) PS2
The classic Sonic the Hedgehog games have returned from the dead on Sonic Mega Collection Plus. If you're a fan of the classic Genesis Sonic games, you will have hours of fun jumping obstacles, running at high speeds, and defeating the always annoying Dr. Robotnic, AKA Dr. Eggman. The thing I liked most about this title was that they were not "digitally remastered", and that the cheat codes from the Genesis titles work the same on the PS2 version! You know what I mean, somtimes you just cant get past one particular zone, so you just skip to the next one. The graphics, highly original, bring back the old-school style of the game. Like I said, there is no remodeling whatsoever. Gameplay is great. VERY original. However, after failing a level countless times, you can get tired of hearing the zone's theme song over and over. I believe any Sonic fan should purchase this title, because of its originality. There are also bonus features in the game, such as extra games, pictures, box and manual art, and even Sonic's comic covers. Well if you plan on renting or buying this game, enjoy it! Also, I would like to say TRACK ME if your not my friend!