What are you talking about, this collection is great even without some stupid games

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus XBOX
I'm appalled to see the rating on this collection. This game is incredible without the noticeable titles. This collection includes: Sonic the Hedgehog 1,2,3 and Knuckles, and you don't anything more. Those four classic games in their original form is perfect to attract any sonic lover even without the Genesis or its games. This basically is just a Sega Genesis, a Sega Genesis Handheld, a Sega Game Gear, a Sega Dreamcast, their games. So what if their is no "Sonic CD" or other of those excluded games. They took them out because they probably sucked really bad. I have Sonic Classic Collection for the Nintendo DS and it's nothing compared to this game. I haven't competed this game but it is awesome so far. Overall, I think that this is just a plainly awesome game, thanks for reading my review on such an awesome game.