A great collection of some of Sonic's best games.

User Rating: 9.5 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Greatest Hits) PS2
Before the days of the Wii virtual console, Playstation Network, or the Xbox Live Arcade, It became pretty hard to seek out classic systems and classic games. The only other way you could play these games is if you either still have the games and consoles, buy them online (which can be rather expensive), or through compilation disks like "Sonic Mega Collection Plus". This was a really good idea to do so, because you would be able to reach these older games out to a new generation of gamers who have never experienced them before. The disk contains some of Sonic's noteworthy titles, as well as a few games that I never really heard of. While I was a bit disappointed that certain titles didn't make it into the game, this is still a very worthy collection of Sonic and Sega Genesis titles since "Sonic Gems Collection".

-Graphics on all of the games still look very impressive
-Good control
-Great music and sound
-Good collection of games
-The inclusion of a save option
-Nice extras

-No Sonic CD or Sonic R

If you never had the chance to play any of these classic Genesis titles, this would be a great opportunity to go out and get this game, especially if you don't use the virtual console, Xbox Live or PSN.