oh yeah respect the classics dawg! all the classics are here (even the ones you dont want) sonic is kickin old school.

User Rating: 8.5 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Greatest Hits) PS2
sonic mega collection plus is way past cool! by the way some younger sonic fans may not know, way past cool comes from his comic series:) OMG! you can even read some old comics in here! the classics play great and they are very simple. so even toddlers can enjoy the sonic goin at break neck speeds. if you think sonic games just arent what they used to be...YOUR WROOOOONG the proof is right here, he is EXACTLY what he used to beXD the game is pretty simple go to a classic sonic game such as sonic the hedgehog, sonic and tails, sonic 3,or sonic and knux. and HAVE LOTS OF FUN8) if by some small chance you are a younger gamer and dont know who sonic is,take the game to your mom and dad and ask do you know any of these game? they will go OMG SONIC!!! the game is great family fun because it gives younger gamers a blast from the past and gives adults a chance to get their classic sonic on one disk and relive the memories:D