Sonic Mega Collection Plus is a great collection of old classics.

User Rating: 8.3 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus XBOX
Gameplay: 10
Why: Well, back when Sonic was out for the Genesis, I only had the pleasure of playing it about three times, and once for the Gamegear. But in those times, it was so fun that I wanted to get it, if not play it again. Unfortunately I didn't, but just recently I grabbed the Sonic Mega Collection Plus and have not been disappointed. The gameplay is the kind that made it famous and experienced Mario and Donkey Kong Country players will be pleased to find yet another classic favorite worthy of their collection.

Graphics: 2
Why: Let's face it, these graphics are outdated, but it doesn't affect the gameplay nor the game's value by anything.

Sound: 5
Why: Not the greatest music. Very repetative but does grow on you. Donkey Kong Country still has my vote for best video game music though.

Value: 10
Why: Simply a great gaming experience. Games like these are too good to dissappear.

Reviewer's Tilt: 10
Why: I love the game, been playing it nearly non stop and am loving Sonic. I recommend this game for anyone who enjoyed the old games, and anyone who enjoyed DK Country and Mario. You won't be dissappointed.