Excellent collection for Sonic lovers!

User Rating: 7.8 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Greatest Hits) PS2
I was never a Sonic fan but i decided to give this collection a try. It features a nice presentation a lots of stuff you can unlock. The actual games are emulated to perfection as far as i know. There's a nice save feature where you can save anywhere in the game, which is nice since some of these games contains hard punishing platforming element.

The graphics are decent and holds up quite nicely for the Genesis games. It's another story for the Game Gear games which are washed out and warped. The Genesis wasn't the best system for sound but these games were able to kick it up a notch compared to other Genesis titles.

The collection itself is nice, but die-hard fans will be disappointed that Sonic CD is not included. Also the collection has unrelated games like Comix Zone and Ristar that could be replaced with Sonic games.

This collection offers a lot of value in terms of content. Sonic fans will have fun with this for a long time.