Dark Dialogue?

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So some news articles have been going around saying that an employee/random guy was looking in the files for the game and found some dark voice clips, some of which are worse than ShTh clips. Included are the following (look away if you are sensitive to stuff like this) "You're going home in a box!" Not as dark as the others "I'll skin you alive!" One of the darkest so far. "I long for deaths cold embrace." I don't really get this one. :\ "I'll get fat from eating your black hearts." ...? "One second you're contemplating genocide." This one is really dark...wouldn't expect this. and last, "As long as I can still strangle a zeti, my hands are fine." I'm guessing some one like Knux/Shadow/Sonic/Eggman would say this. So what do you think of these? It looks like the game is pulling a Shadow the Hedgehog...but did anyone else notice the game is switching between ratings? Some of the boxes show that it's E for everyone, and others show it's RP.
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I can't imagine those quotes being in the game, Sonic has always been catered towards children. The cover looks geared towards a young demographic also. But if they are in the game, that'd definitely move the rating up. If this is the case, then why did Sega opt for a more dark Sonic game? The clips were probably some fooling around in recording that was never deleted.