A good compolation of 4 classic Sonic games and it even has a 3D hub world.

User Rating: 8 | Sonic Jam SAT
Sonic Jam is the very first Compolation of all of the old school Sonic games.Before Sonic Adventure came out as well this was also Sonic's frist true 3D game but it was kinda limited.The 3D area was called Sonic World.The area allowed you to explore all over the place and it allowed you to find some unlockables,FMV's and Artwork.You were also able to do some Missions around the Hub.Which allowed you to either beat the best time or get through the level as fast as you can.Now you also got All the main Sonic games that came out on the Sega Mega-Drive/Genesis.I find that the ports are great emulation and they still play well as they did on the Genesis.The games are still fun and it's great to play.But I just wish they added Sonic CD to the Compolation since this game was on a CD and their's no excuse.Overall Sonic Jam is great compolation of Sega CD.It's fun to play the main Sonic games for the Hub World after you find all of the collectables it gets boring and Sonic CD should have been added but this a great compolation games and if you can find it defentily buy it.