This is why i don't buy sonic games.

User Rating: 2 | Sonic Heroes PS2
Review for Sonic Heroes

The controls are terrible, making it near impossible to collect a row of rings in one go. You can't use the directional buttons either and the analogue stick is so touchy!
Also, the camera angles are useless and if you want to go back to collect something the view doesn't turn around to let you see where you are walking.
We even tried the two-player option but on the Casino level we didn't even need to touch the controller after the first few jumps.
We tried to enjoy this game but it is truly appalling. I just wish that Sega would bring out a new 2D Sonic game, based more on the original. Alternatively they could always bring out a compilation of all the old Megadrive games. The storyline is useless. It can't be a good game. The graphics aren't good. I really hate this mario, sonic sort of game. I regret trying it.

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