Sonic Heroes on the PC

User Rating: 9.2 | Sonic Heroes PC
Being a long time sonic fan I was interested in seeing how this game was going to be.They took a new approach to the sonic franchise in this game by adding team play. This game features 4 teams there is Team Sonic : Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (medium challenge) Team Dark : Shadow, Rouge and Omega (Difficult challenge) Team Rose : Amy, Cream and Big (novice players) Team Chaotix : Espio, Vector and Charmy Gameplay: Gameplay in this game is fast paced for the most part you will lead each team of 3 through the 14 levels in this game.You will have to switch between characters from time to time to accomplish certain tasks.For instance if you were Team sonic you would use sonic to run the long parts,switch to tails to fly up to high ledges and Knuckles is used for beating up the enemies.I did have some issues with the camera sometimes it was a little difficult to see around.The controls in this game were also pretty good and easy.If you have a wheel maouse it is a simple move to switch between characters and I used the arrow keys to move around.Z triggers your special attack. Team darks game is more difficult than the sonic team and for begginers Team Rose is alot more simple while team Chaotix is more puzzles for smarter players.OVerall this is not a long game but it certainly does have replay value. Graphics: The graphics in this game are very nice.The enviroments are full of bright colours and while there not overly detailed they still look very nice.The characters are nicely detailed and very smooth looking.The special effects when performing some moves look equally as nice.If you are familiar with Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 for the dreamcast this game follows that look be updated abit. Sound: The music in this game is well like the music from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 they are simple meledies and cheesy riffs like in most sonic games.This games music is fun and enjoyable and fits the game nicely.The voice overs are good but repetitive if you can look past it then you'll be fine. Overall: Overall this is a good game.It's fun,it's something new and enjoyable for Sonic fans.If you are not a sonic fan than chances you won't be much impressed.It is a short game but it does have it's replay value as you get graded on how well you do at the end of the stage.So bottom line is if your a sonic fan give it a try if your looking for something fun the ngive it a try.