sonic's PS2 debut could have gone better. it didn't go bad but not so good. the GC and Xbox versions went over gud yay!!

User Rating: 7 | Sonic Heroes PS2
not the best way to make a debut but not too bad. howver sonic and all other characters are lacking speed. there are three differint types of characters. speed,power,and flight. and working as a team to make it through each level is a pretty fun time. however what really killed the game for me was the boss levels. this is the first ever sonic game were the bosses were just...good. sonic bosses have been great up til this title. the final boss metal sonic is the only good boss level in the whole game and acually one of the best in sonic history. the team chaotix missions are very similar to knuckle's missions in sonic adventure 2 battle. searching randomly hoping to find an item(not very fun). and one glorious thing bout this stupid voices! evertbody has a perfect voice including tails,vector,charmy,and eggman who hav had some really stupid voices in the past and future games like shadow the hedgehog. sonic makes his PS2 with a sputter:(