Bugged! Bugged! Bugged! "A lot of potential wasted with a wacky camera and gameplay

User Rating: 5 | Sonic Heroes PC
I am a really biog fun of Sonic, I've been playing it since the first "Sonic The Hedgehog" on Master System and I can say to you all: Sonic Heroes has everything to be an absolute classic game, a lot of revolutionary things inside it that could create an entire new world to Sonic fans all around the globe, but it is all dropped into a big rotten hole with the ridiculous bugs that it came with.

First, gameplay!

The gameplay works well at the first stage, no problems in here. But from the second to the fourteenth stage it just works awfull, there are several thin edges and rails that you have to hit with your hero, but the gameplay won't allow forcing you to have a stupid death and that same old look "what the ****?"

Second, camera
it's impossivble to play an adventure/action game like Sonic with an lousy camera, seriously, it gets on yours nerves. The camera try to point the right direction to proceed, but oftenly some enemies just go through you and you can't see them, so in a few seconds they'll come at your back at make you lose all your rings. There are some buttons to change de camera view, but obviously they work pretty bad, the moment you start moving again, the camera comes back to the original point and your work is just wasted, and, again, the same look "what the ****?"

In the end, it's a good game for die hard fans, but even them will get bored and angry with Sonic Heroes. So if you want to buy it, you should double check first and wait for a new Sonic to come.