Sonic Heroes is easily the best 3D Sonic game ever created.

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Heroes GC
Dr. Robot-nick has a new doomsday machine and it's up to Team Sonic to stop him, while other teams trail behind..

The best the Game-Cube has to offer. Character models are perfect. Level design and environments look fantastic and well-done. Cut-scenes are designed neatly as well.

Game play:
Difficulty is easy during the first few levels, but will get challenging later on. This is probably the most fun I've had in a Sonic game since the Genesis games. Especially running, hoping and hitting during levels.

Music and Sound:
Music has a great 80's feel to it. Sound effects, along with the use of Dolby Pro Logic II, sound crystal clear.

Joystick for moving. A for jumping. B for hitting. Y and X for switching between characters and Z for team blast.

Lasting Appeal:
Sonic Heroes is the best 3D Sonic game to come along so far, not to mention the most fun I've had since the Genesis games. 10 out of 10.