It can be fun to play but it has some really annoying flaws.

User Rating: 7 | Sonic Heroes GC
After the previous masterpiece know as Sonic Adventure 2, I couldn't wait for this game. But when I popped it in and played it about halfway through, the look my face was like having a taste in your mouth like "eh...its good but not quite there yet" Lets go into my usual sonic elements

-While there isn't anything here to be amazed by, these visuals were pretty appropriate for the time. There may be a few ugly things but overall the graphics are good for the game.

SOUND 6/10
-The soundtrack in this game was great. I always went to the audio room every time I was playing this game. But the voice acting if you ask me, was just...abysmal. Its not really the acting, but its the voice themselves. With the exception of Knuckles and Shadow, these were voices you hear from the same channel as you would find barney. But whatever, if you enjoy the game this won't be too big of an issue

STORY 5/10
-The story is the typical Sonic game plot but it this one was pretty cliche. At least in Sonic Adventure 2, you have the plot of the colony ark blowing up earth and that had some originality in it. But here, you have the typical "Oh, I'm gonna conquer the world with my ultimate weapon." They could have done better with this

SPEED 7/10
-The speed element is once again not anything to be super amazed by but there are certain moments go pretty darn fast. So speed is done good in this game.

-The game can be a lot of fun but at the same time frustrating as all hell. The bad camera makes its return but it's even worse here than it was in Sonic Adventure 2. Also, you are gonna die A LOT in this game and 80% of the time you will die way too cheaply. The turns don't always get executed too well and sometimes you may over shoot a ramp when you barely did anything wrong. The switching between characters is actually a very nice twist but at the same time it's just awkward. A lot of the boss fights are really annoying and you will be screaming out of your ears every time you die cheaply. But if you can put up with all these issues, then can have quite a bit of fun with this game. It is a downgrade from Sonic Adventure 2, but it is still a worthy successor.