Fun from start to finnish

User Rating: 8.5 | Sonic Heroes PC
Sonic heroes is another sonic spin off type game that puts you as differnat teams trying to defect eggman and get to the end of the goal thats bascally it but along the way you will be treated to great cachy music great level designs and alot of team action and runnig that will have you hanging on tight to your seat.The game is kind of like sonic adventure which is also a great game anyway the game never ever puts you in a level alone never your always with your team members this fact makes sonic heroes not like pervious installments and that you can control all three charters at once to finnish the goal sadly the game is not perfect in that it does have fails haha just foolin the game is perfect and all the teams you play as have there own story and goals some have really hard tasks and others just run everywhere also the game last forever because I have been playing it for a year now and have not finnished everything so go buy it