A hard, but very fun game!

User Rating: 7 | Sonic Heroes GC
This is my second review for Sonic Heroes. This a pretty good game but not quite the best in the series. A lot of 3-D sonic games have failed to be good, but not this one. The best system to get it on is game cube! The good is that single player and two player is very fun. The bad is that the camera can be annoying and it is a little cheap. There are some team you play as. You control three people at once! If you are a true sonic fan you would love this game. I think the sonic adventure games are better though. There are three people on each team. Al teams are good but the best in my opinion is the team with sonic, knuckles, and tales. The controls are decent controls. The graphics are good and good or a game cube game. If you love sonic you would love sonic heroes. That is all I have to say about Sonic Heroes.