Ambitious and broken.

User Rating: 6.5 | Sonic Heroes PC
The game is a nice idea, very welldone, it has nice gameplay, nice graphics, nice sound, it makes all right, but has just one error. But this one makes it all don't worth playing.

Play with 3 sonic games characters is, surprisinlgy, fun and nice nad easy and addictive.

But the great and unforgettable error is: the level designs. The level designs are uninspired and makes the game very weak. To explain, level designs always are one of the most important part of the sonic games. And in this game they prove it, being very irrelevant. The onlye level that is a little worthy is the first one, Seaside Hill.

Who says a level that is just trails is fun? And a level of pinball and a levelof things that're almost pinball in the same game, looking that the Casinopolis is the less-nice level of SADX?

What happened with the genius that is the level designer of the sega sonic games? How a game so great in so many things can make one error that makes the game become trash?

Sega in this time was very close to making a classic better than Sonic Adventure.