When Sega makes games like this I just can't take them seriously.

User Rating: 5 | Sonic Heroes GC

Back in the Gamecube era, Sonic was one of my favorite characters in gaming, with games like Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and even Sonic Heroes, yeah, when I first started playing through Sonic Heroes, I loved it and it was one of my favorite games on the gamecube, Going back and playing this i really truly realized what this game really was, and that is a huge piece of crap and to be honest part of me didn't want to hate this game because I used to really like it, but unfortunately I had no choice, it's really that bad! and I can't believe that I just accepted a lot of problems that were present.

Story: So the game is broken up into four teams, Team Sonic which consists of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, Team Dark which consists of Shadow, Rouge, and Omega, Team Rose which consists of Amy, Cream, and Big(oh Joy) and Team Chaotix which consists of Espeo, Charmy, and Vector. Each team has their own motives in regards to the story. Team Sonics story is the story you would expect Eggmans sent them a letter that hes going to conquer the world and sonic must stop him, the usual stuff. Then you got Team Darks story which is basically Shadow trying to retrieve his memory back, and is also angry with Eggman, Rouge who also has a bone to pick with Eggman, and Omega who is also angry with Eggman, and you want to know why he is? because he locked him in a room, are you serious, that's the best they could come up with!, he's a f$%$ing robot for christ sake! Team Rose's story, well do you even want to know? does anybody care? did anybody want them in this game? well anyways Amy wants to find Sonic, not surprising, and Cream and Big our missing their freinds Chocola Chao, and Froggy.(oh boy were already in for a great review huh?) Team Chaotix story is that they our hired by someone over the radio to also join in the chase for Eggman. This story is actually not terrible because you start wondering what the guys motives our on the radio, but you will be disappointed in the end. The story's in all campaigns our usually recycled through the whole game same areas just different dialogue, another half a$$ed attempt in the game. Well I don't think I need to say it. but these our piss poor story's that don't belong here.

Presentation: When it comes to Presentation just like Nintendo, Sega usually never has a problem in this department, and Sonic heroes with all it's problems doesn't either the looks of the level design our absolutely perfect, incredibly memorable, the soundtrack has many memorable songs, and the overall look to the game is just done, right it has a charm to it, and I could see why i blindly accepted this as a good game. The presentation in the game is great but unfortunately it doesn't do any favors for the rest of the game.

Gameplay: So as I mentioned in the story, their our four teams to pick from, I will talk about each one but before I do i wanted to say first off who thought playing the same levels over and over 4 times would be alright, with the same bosses recycled over and over again, who would approve of this? Are you telling me everyone over at Sega Team were just like nahh, playing the same thing over four times with nothing new is a great idea! like seriously you are asking for people to get angry, anyways lets talk about Team Sonic first. Well, you got Sonic who is nearly impossible to control cause he's way to slippery. Knuckles who controls fine in moving, but when you fight in combat you will continue to slip off the edges of the level over and over again, and tails is obviously the same as every other flying character slow and not worth using unless you have too, so I won't even mention the other flying characters. The big problem with Team Sonic is like I mentioned they our too hard to control and they make for a terrible experience, Most of Knuckles attacks compared to the other team our considerably weaker, and their special attack while it may look cool looking at it the first time, is not worth using over and over again cause it's just a waste of time. Team Sonic are terrible to play as and my second least favorite team of the four. Next we have Team Dark Shadow controls a little slower then Sonic and this is actually not bad, because he doesn't slip all over the place.Omega is a powerhouse and is the strongest character in the game and will cause destruction everywhere he roams, his controls aren't perfect during combat but they our much better then Knuckles. The big problem with Team Darks is that they our one of the harder teams for all the wrong reasons, that's right their is plenty of cheap difficulty, their were moments in the game where I would be grinding a rail and all of a sudden their will be a spike ball in the middle of the rail and you will hit it because it comes out of nowhere. Then their was even a part where I flew to a rail above another rail to see an enemy just standing their saying if you don't make it don't worry I will knock you off. I know it's really hard to explain without actually seeing these images, but all I can say is that their our just parts to this campaign that shouldn't be in this one, Team Dark was my second favorite. Next we have Team Rose and I can't believe I'm saying this but their actually a great team, people call them annoying but for some strange reason I kind of liked them, I know, I just lost my credibility for reviewing this game lol, but seriously they aren't that annoying in this game, the controls of Amy is great she goes just the right speed for these levels. Big the Cat also control pretty well, his power is pretty good and no complaints for me. most of Team roses levels were also enjoyable because they weren't too long like most levels which will take up too nine minutes, and that's the huge problems with these other teams, what does everybody want to do in a sonic game? Go fast and finish the level fast! Team Rose is my favorite team and the only favorable part of this game I liked. Next we have Team Chaotix, uh oh, oh no somethings wrong, oh god whats going on? Team Chaotix is the most idiotic team of the game! and you know why? because every single level you play with them has some arduous task to do, and each level can take up to fifteen minutes, oh no here it comes again my head, stop it, please stop it, Their is one level where you must destroy every single enemy and their our about 200 enemies to kill! and guess what if you don't find them all you have to find them and look through every crevice of the level! whoever thought this was ok has the coherency of a wet towel! how could you honestly think this was ok! I spent 30 minutes trying to beat this level! that's a little bit long for one level huh! This has to be the worst idea, and worst level in a game! and that's too bad because vector is very strong and Espeo controls really well, it would of been better if they had just recycled the same levels the fourth time thru, at least it wouldn't be that bad. As I mentioned throughout the four teams you will face the same bosses over and over again! and not only that but most of these bosses even get recycled with the same boss just more health! so on top of recycling boss fights they our recycling recycled boss fights! wow I got to give it to them they just topped themselves, they made the gameplay even more pretentious. The gameplay is the huge reason this games sucks so much, and I would honestly like to know did they even try, i'm not even joking like honestly did they put any effort into the gameplay!

(Spoiler Alert)The final boss is Metal Sonic, which you figure out thanks to Team Chaotix's client who is actually Dr. Eggman not much of a surprise their, in order to defeat him you must use Team Rose, Team Dark, and Team Chaotix to attack first, and then Team sonic with the help of the chaos emeralds, Team Super Sonic to defeat him, it's actually one of the more memorable parts of the game, the music's awesome, and the battle is a joy to play, and then you got the ending, and it's not bad, it's what you would expect, Amy chases after Sonic Knuckles follows Rouge, Team Chaotix wants their pay from Eggman who is trying to get away, and Shadow and Omega look on with Metal Sonic, and that's it, it's not bad.

Overall I feel like 5 is a high grade for this game with all the problems it has, but even though I think this game, is literally a piece of crap I'm blinded by it's charm, in fact I don't hate this game it's just not a game I would recommend to anyone, There is just so many problems they overlooked on this game, however if you can overlook this stuff, it won't be that bad, and will be a memorable game, I still do kind of like this game, but hopefully next time they will clean this one up a bit.