A good, fun, entertaining game. Has fine graphics, colourfull design and a great soundtrack. Could have been better.

User Rating: 8 | Sonic Heroes PC
I have played this game several times. The game i would say is fun to play. Having a good soundtrack and vocals is a huge plus for it. Has an interesting level design but it could have been a little better. It is fast and action packed. It is interesting to see so many characters from the Sonic franchise. The re-playability and achieving the highest rank in every one of them provides some challenge. Holds to the best traditions of the classic sonic games. This game is something that a hard core Sonic fan could not resist. I found it quite entertaining. Though is has a few flaws. Some annoying bugs here and there. Level objectives repeats themselves too much. Character abilities are also too similar. Controls are also flawed a little bit (at times you might even "break your fingers"). Camera sometimes annoys for it's behaviour. Nothing innovative. The best word for this games might be fitting "fun" but nothing more.