To sum it up this game was fun but it took too long to finish and it repeated it self.

User Rating: 6 | Sonic Heroes PS2
This game had a fun theme, you play with three of your favorite characters at the same time and use their individual strengths to overcome all the obstacles you come across. This plat former was released in 2004 and was geared toward old sonic fans that were still raving from the rehashing of sonic adventure 2, as well as kids who never had heard of the blue blur. From its corky commercial that involved elderly men dressed in superhero costumes to the infamous theme song this game has thrills, chills and over all spills throughout the whole game.

The run down, this game begins with a rather helpful tutorial using the cast from team sonic. I liked that you could use any of these three at any giving time. From the tutorial on you get used to the endowment of the three types of characters which are power, speed and flying. For team sonic you use sonic knuckles and tails. Sonic was your speed and knuckles was your power and for some reason tails who can fly with his twin tails. The other teams were team dark, team rose and team chaotix. Team dark consisted of shadow the hedgehog as the runner, rouge the bat as the flyer and e-123 omega as the power. Team rose consisted of Amy rose as your speed, Cream the rabbit as the flyer ( I don't get that either) and big the cat as the power. This game was supposed to be the next Sonic adventure game. They even used some of the old menu screen tones and tunes. But I want any one who took the time to read this review know that has not played this old game that they failed. This game had a laundry list of problems. The recurring storyline can drive any one bat **** crazy. Some levels of team chaotix made you play the same puzzle that you played in the one before it. Team rose's story was so easy and their Special move was just plain silly. The voice acting was acceptable but had some flaws. But I'll get into that into the good the bad and the ugly. The end story was fun and (spoiler alert) ended with you fighting metal sonic as this metal Godzilla looking robot monster that spends its time charging at you. Overall this game was okay but it had some things that really just made you want to toss the ps2/ gamecube/ xbox controller through the tv. This game was a let down as far as what it was built up to be and did not have a huge launch and the promos were very week. The control's on this game was very annoying and I got to say Pissed me off. Sonic and shadow were greatly held back by their teammates. Rouge lead the team to do her selfish will and Amy was too young to be out there knocking around. Amy was somewhat fast but her lack of spin dash made it hard to switch from shad or sonic to her. All the power types did as their job description. These guys tore through anything they came across and did not care that they were either blowing their team mates out of their nose, using Shadow and Rouge as ammo, used Amy and Cream as baseballs or Knuckles using Sonic and Tails as boxing gloves. I don't understand how those guys did not get massive concussions from that. Anyway this game was fun to play but took too long to beat and the means in which you have to use to beat it will aggravate you to death. Overall 6 out of 10 or 2.9 out of 5 Good
Use of three character at the same time is fun. The classic fast pace brings back 90's nam flash backs. The bonus stages makes you think of them days where you popped the cartridge out of the console and of the days were after you ran out of lives you start all over.

That annoying theme song, the games three characters switch system is just bull. The fact that if one of your guys goes off a cliff they all go with him or her. The flying characters cant carry any one half as long as they use to or near as short as makes since. To tell you the truth this game don't make much since

I don't get half of this games ideas or way they did any of the crap they did. The fact you must collect all 7 chaos emeralds in the bonus stages. I sad earlier that I liked the bonus stages, but on the other hand I hated them. The fact that you have to run through the tunnel of gay death. This part of the game aggravated me to no end! Conclusion if your looking for a nice cheep thrill that you would pic up at a yard sale, flea market or an semi classic game lot this would be a OK idea. But don't pic it up for no more than $10 any more and your being ripped off.

do svidaniya, this is all Jerk has to say about this old boy.