Nintendo's Sonic takes a big step back again with this release.

User Rating: 5.5 | Sonic Generations 3DS
Sonic Generations has been released on four different platforms: the Xbox360, the PS3, the PC and the 3DS. Sadly for 3DS owners, the 3DS gets by far the weakest package of the game. Little amount on levels and frustratingly little amount on lifes are not the only issues that mar this game.

You start the whole game as classic Sonic running through a very easy level. After this then the game's overview map is introduced to you, as well as a modern Sonic Level for the same area. Sonic Generations is split up into 11 areas, seven of those each have a classic and a modern Sonic level as well as a special level, three of them are a boss room with first a race with one of Sonics rivals and then a boss battle, and the last room is the final showdown. Notice something? Right, Sonic Generations is quite little. Only seven areas each with two levels and a special "chase the Chaos Emerald" level is a weak value that makes for 14 levels in a total, with the special levels in mind 21. Just for a quick look on those special levels, they only have you chase through a glass pipe like level, trying to catch a Chaos Emerald before it reaches the finishing line. Though they are the only levels where you can move Sonic around in full 3D, they are not very special at all, and nothing all to exciting as well.

The 7 classic Sonic levels and the 7 modern Sonic levels are the best part of the game. The levels are what you expect from a Sonic game, at least since recently again, fast paced, speedy, unpredictable, and are simply quite well designed. Most of them also contain multiple ways to explore, which makes up for some replay value. The game needs that. Classic Sonic and modern Sonic play like they should, of course, modern Sonic being much faster and better than classic Sonic. However, except in their abilities, the differences between classic Sonic levels and modern Sonic Levels are very brief. Modern Sonic's levels feel a little crazier, but otherwise no big differences. And the difference gets even weaker after classic Sonic learns the lock on attack. What's really a shame is that the modern Sonic levels don't have any 3D sections like in the other versions. Every level is full 2D. Of course, the levels have 3D environments, and the game does use the 3D environments pretty well, transporting Sonic often into the background and back to the foreground. However, there really should have been 3D sections in those modern Sonic levels. It would have added a lot to the game.

Controls in Sonic Generations 3DS are at least solid. Classic Sonic as well as modern Sonic control great, and their moves fit into the levels nicely. Sometimes I faced a few problems, and Sonics lock on system isn't always the smartest, but overall the controls are good.

Despite Sonic Generations being fun, it also can get a little frustrating. This is not because of high challenge. Sonic Generations isn't all that tough, however, it does get quite challenging in the later levels with some parts where you will very likely die because of the unpredictable nature of the levels. And that's why it's kinda problematic that Sonic Generations tosses so few lifes in your way. It feels kinda awkward that you can like only die 3 times before the game over screen appears again and you have to play the whole level from the beginning on again. This is a problem especially since the levels are kinda long. It's where the game gets its length from a bit. It's great that levels are lengthy since there are so few, however, it doesn't fit with the little amount of lifes very well.

Another downer in Sonic Generations are the bosses. They are pretty lackluster and lack creativity. Especially the first boss you encounter is lame, and frustrating on top. The second boss you encounter in the game does have a cool concept, must admit, though it's not used in the most amusing way. But that one is okay. The final boss is definitely cool, but frustrating and a bit repetitive as well. In the end, the bosses feel simply lacking.

Sonic Generations presentation is not really better. The story is kinda weak, however, the way it's presented is pathetic. While the other versions all have great animated cut scenes that look great, the 3DS version has poor chat screens that make you have no real clue what's really happening. In order to understand the story right, you have had to play the PS3/Xbox360/Pc version before. The texts aren't written all that well either, and there's also no voice acting at all, just voice clips.

At least Sonic Generations looks pretty good. The environments are colorful, detailed, and feel pretty lively, There's also a nice variety between the different environments. The music in Sonic Generations 3DS is also luckily decent. Decent, nothing remarkable.

Sonic Generations also has got some extra modes, like mission mode or versus mode. Mission mode has you completing missions located in one of the levels of the main game. It's okay. The versus mode has you playing either locally or online against another person in one of the levels about who reaches the end first. It's a race against each other, and though it's nice to see local and online support, the gameplay itself feels a little lacking. Its nothing really special and nothing you'll be doing for a longer time.

Sonic Generations can be fun, actually, it made me think it would be a fully enjoyable game in the beginning. Levels have that unpredictable nature that Sonic games need, and the controls give you a great control over the Sonics. However, Sonic Generations just feels lacking. The way the story is presented is laughable, the game is short and the levels, though fun, aren't totally what I hoped for, especially since the differences between the modern and classic Sonic levels are pretty brief. The game can also get frustrating with it's game over screens appearing to often. Sonic Generations isn't bad, but it's far from good as well. Seriously, in this case, just get the Xbox360/PS3/PC version, not this one, Sonic Generations on the 3DS is definitely not the 40 dollars worth. At the most, it's worth a rental, if you want a Sonic on go, but seriously, this is by far not Sonic in top form, and there are much better games available on the 3DS right now.

• levels are quite well designed, using Sonics speed well
• good controls for the most part
• environments look pretty nice

• little amount on levels
• brief differences between modern and classic Sonic levels
• lacking boss battles
• story is presented pathetically
• you can go game over way too easily

Review Score: 5.5