Sega's fan letter to fans is really fun!

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Generations X360
This was easily the most anticipated Sonic game I have ever come in contact with so you can only imagine how fast I bought the fudge out this. For the most part I wasn't dissapointed, the game does everything that Mario won't; which is deliver a fun adventure through his games and roll it all up into one decently sized joint. Almost makes me wish Nintendo consoles were dead so we could get a Mario Generations game, that would ROCK! At first I was thinking that this was a walkthrough from Sonic the Hedgehog to StH 3 but it turned out to just be a level from Sonic 1 through Sonic Colors. Now that got me a bit mad but then after I finished the game I realized that there are a bunch of songs to collect from all of his games. Suddenly I found myself trying out the missions the game has to offer and boy was I surprised!

The missions are actually fun this time around, now who would've thought of that?!! Not me, I remember the missions in Sonic Unleashed and those were just a waste of time. In fact, most of the missions are more fun the actual levels! I literally missed more than half of the game before and didn't even realize it! Catching a ride from young Tails as Classic Sonic, racing against the Tornado, blasting through levels with old upgrades like Bubble Shield, racing rivals, treasure hunting with Knuckles, all that stuff and more while collecting songs from the past, present and future! It was actually alot of fun!! And I gotta say; playing through my favorite levels while listening to theme songs like Sonic Boom was damn well worth it!

Though story-wise it wasn't really all that interesting...but not like that matters because if you're buying a Sonic game; you're bound to find something kiddy. Talkin' about feelings and friends *shivers* just creeps me out. But I love Sonic and this is the game he owes us for sticking with him through all of his "I don't know who I am anymore." phases. We had our ups from the Genesis and Dreamcast to our "okays" with Sonic Heroes and then disasters like Sonic the Hedgehog 06 (or was it 05? I don't even want to remember.) Sonic Unleashed was good though. If you didn't like the way Unleashed played then stay away from this one. Just a fair warning.. Now let's talk about Bosses...Mmm, mmm! DELICIOUS!! Battling Metal Sonic is alot of fun with Classic Sonic, I probably shouldn't tell you all of them but it's really hard not to name a few because they all hold a special moment to my heart. *cough* "Chaos from Sonic Adventure"*cough* Oh excuse me, that must've slipped my *coughs* "Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2 and you fight him in a segment of the last level in the game."

Well, he counts more as a Rival battle and so does Metal Sonic but don't let the title fool you; there's a really cool cutscene to every battle, Rival or Boss that bring all kinds of crazy nostalgia! Win the original themes and try fighting them again with them and you'll find them more enjoyable. I say so because when you discover how to beat Rivals; you'll fly right through them with one hit and after that hit-the fun's over. Sometimes I play with Shadow and pretend like he has a chance on beating me just because I want to enjoy "Live and Learn". Too bad you can't be Super Sonic and fight him or even Chaos for that matter. Eh, minor setback but think about it; would the fight be any fun if you were invincible? That's what Super Sonic does for ya, unlike Super Saiyan. Well all that set aside, Sonic Generations is worth whatever history you have with him. If you only played the portable games-you'll think it sucks and the music sucks worse. But if you played ALL of his games; it is one hell of a game and the music will make you feel like a kid again.

Again, a fun trip down memory lane but if you're not much of a fan; it's a spiral that goes Up then Down with dissapointment like how some reviews go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that we'll get level packs that feature more from the old games but it sounds like it's something Sega's not willing to do. Otherwise they would've done it with this game in the first place but who knows? Maybe one day Sega will surprise us.