Sonic Generations is the best Sonic game in years.

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Generations PS3
(This Review May Contain Some Spoilers, if you don't want to read the Full Review go to the Good and Bad/Pros and Cons Section.)

Sonic Generations is the best in years with a mix of old and new.

Gameplay: is a mix of 2D and 3D platforming, 2D being the Old Sonic and 3D being the Modern Sonic both Gameplay styles are great but i think the 2D is still the best, the 2D (Old Sonic) Acts are Fast the Platforming is great and is just like it was when the first Sonic the Hedgehog game released 20 years ago but faster.

now to the 3D Acts (Modern Sonic) is really a lot like the Sonic Unleashed Levels and Sonic Colours but its better than them its faster and just better you have certain moves that the 2D Sonic doesn't have like the Homing Attack, Stomp Move, Wall Jump, Boost, and a sort of Ring Dash/Light Dash
3D Sonics Acts are sometimes have 2D gameplay also Overall Both 2D and 3D are Great.

Graphics: are great Colourful and Bright, the Makeover of Green Hill Zone is great and certain other levels from other Sonic games are also really good, sometimes when your in 3D Mode and just Stand there it sometimes looks a bit dated but really you wont ever be just standing still and when your going fast the game looks Fantastic Overall the game has great graphics.

Story: well really Sonic games don't have much of a story its starts out as its Sonics Birthday and then other stuff happens and Old Sonic meets Modern Sonic and then they both go and save there Friends and bring colour back to the world overall its good for a Sonic game but no Sonic game has really been about story as its all about the fast gameplay.

Sound: is great all the Remixes for the Old Music is great and the new ones are good, now the Voice Acting is okay some of the Voices are a bit annoying but there mostly good.

Replay: this Sonic game is a lot easier than other Sonic games getting an S Rank on a Level is quite Easy, you can collect the Red Rings, Complete the Challenges and getting up higher on the leaderboards overall there is quite a bit of Replay Value as your most likely want to play the Acts again and Collect everything.

The Good/Pros

Great fast 2D and 3D Gameplay/Great Graphics/Great Sound/Good Replay value/Good Boss Fights.

The Bad/Cons

Too Easy.

Score 9.0/10.0

Overall the best Sonic game in years with a mix of 2D and 3D gameplay with loads of Replay Value but is a bit too easy.