Sonic Generations is a celebration of 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog but is it celebration or not.

User Rating: 8.5 | Sonic Generations PS3
Sonic has had some mixed anniversaries like the 10th was the final Sonic game on a Sega system and Sonic Next Gen was more a birthday fans would like to forget with it's glitches and constant bad gameplay mechanics. So is Generations worth celebrating.


Most of cast are celebrating Sonics birthday and it all turns sour when an evil known as the Time Eater kidnaps his friends and freezes the past and the present. Along the way though Sonic will be teaming up with himself to rid the evil and face foes of the past to erase the terrible evil. Not the most imaginative story but it works for a Sonic game.


There are 2 versions of Sonic a Classic one from the Sega Genesis era, it is more platform orientated than the other Sonic which is the Modern Sonic whos gameplay focuses more on speed which is the Hedgehog Engine from Colors and Unleashed. The both have their basic skills from each era like the Homing Attack,Spin Dash,Boost Bar and the Slide. It's clear that the Modern one has more skills because of where the Classic one started on the 16 bit systems.

The levels are made up of past Sonic games. You shall play 2 acts of that level as both Sonics to get an experience of what the Green Hill or Speed Highway were like. There are 3 areas. Genesis levels,Dreamcast and Gamecube levels and PS3,Wii and 360 areas. After completing both levels you save a character and they chat to you a little. After you have done all 3 sections in a particular area you get to play certain challenges which are above.

Some challenges for example require you to beat a ghost of yourself to the finish line, help a friend or do some other type of challenge. You shall also face a rival from that era so it will be like Metal Sonic,Shadow or Silver then after you beat them you get an Emerald. Beat a few challeneges and you can access the boss from that particular era and they are pretty impressive.

There is also bells you ring to either catch Artwork or a Song from a past game. Like in Colors there are 5 Red Rings in each main area for both Sonics to collect.

The game has a good sense of speed but sometimes the controls can be a bit off sometimes you think you might be going in the right direction but your not. Some of the later stages can be a right pain to S Rank as well since you can't afford to die to acquire it and some of the challeneges are a bit lacking with ideas. Another problem is the last boss is not only annoying but a massive dissapointment but there hasn't really been a great final boss in a 3D Sonic game apart from Colors.

There is an Online Mode the problem being I can't access it because of some sort of error code. Way to go there Sega.


It has some very nice remixes and once you have unlocked some old songs you can play them in certain levels. The levels actually do look pretty cool Planet Wisp espically in HD as do some of the bosses. The supporting cast as usual are annoying espically Amy,Cream,Silver,Chatoix and Rouge but it could have been worse Big the Cat could have made an appearence but thank goodness he ain't in this game.


The main game is very short and if you are good it could be done in about 3 or 4 hours. Yes there are Challenges and trying to ace every level but it really could have had a few more levels added in there well maybe they might add some as part of DLC.

Overall Opinion

Sonic Generations basically gives Sonic fans a mix or old and new and that should please gamers who grew up with the Blue Blur and who also have just started liking him.While not the best Sonic game ever or the best 3D Sonic game it is like a celebration and well worth a playthrough.

Overall Opinion 8.5