Two Sonics, both the same.

User Rating: 6.5 | Sonic Generations 3DS
Sonic Generations could have been a fantastic way to celebrate the hedgehog's 20th anniversary, but it's flawed by many problems. This games selling point is that you can play as both classic and modern sonics. But on the 3DS version, they are virtually the same. Both handle 2-D platforming levels with very similar design. Why couldn't modern Sonic do 3-D levels? It would have made sense on the 3DS especially. The levels in Sonic Generations, though lacking inspiration, are good fun. The bosses are the best part, but there are so few of them. Which brings about another major flaw- there are only about twenty levels. Honestly, that is lazy. To combat this problem, there is mission mode, in which you must complete levels following varios rules, like not killing any enemies. You can also use play coins to buy additional missions. The missions save this game and make it, overall, a recommendable package. I just wish there was more of it.