Sonic is fun again!

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Generations PS3
Sonic has struggled to find an identity ever since the move to 3D. While some 3D Sonic games were good, such as the Adventures on Dreamcast, all seemed to struggle in maintaining the fluid, high speed fun of the classics 2D era games. Sonic Generations, however, resolves the issues and strikes a balance between the 2D and 3D lovers.

The most important improvement is in the game's mechanics, where the game seamlessly switches between 3D and 2D. Instead of pure 3D or 2D, Sonic flows with the level, allowing for fast 3D sequences and classic 2D platforming. The result is beautiful and hard to find any faults in. There have been some complaints on Sonic's ability to stop and perform on tricky platforming, but the game does offer "skills" to boost Sonics abilities in this regard and others. The customization of skills allows for each person's Sonic experience to be different. If you want a throwback fire shield on classic Sonic, go for it. If Super Sonic is your favorite, pick that. This feature motivates the player to complete the numerous challenges tagged along with levels so that skills can be unlocked. There is, also, the rather addictive quest to unlock everything in the game, allowing the player to view old concept art and music.

Visually the game is everything you would expect from Sonic after Sonic Colors. The levels are full of vibrant colors and are truly beautiful. Sometimes the player may even gaze off at the environment, forgetting to play the level. Musically, the levels feature remixes of the old levels' soundtrack. Even better is that the music changes with the act. Like most Sonic games, the music is great and fits the feel of each level.

The story lacks a bit, but explaining why classic Sonic and newer Sonic are together, along with the classic levels, is a difficult task. Regardless, there are three levels and a boss from each console generation, with the two acts being completed by the respective Sonics. You also get rival battles and challenges, providing hours of extra playtime to the base game. In fact, the only thing lacking is the ability to play levels with Sonic's friends and/or rivals. Regardless, fans of the series will find the game enchanting as they reminisce on their re-imagined, favorite levels while new players will have fun learning about them for the first time.

Overall the best way to describe the game is fun. It is exciting to see that Sega has gotten Sonic right finally. The game is great to spend in depth time on or jump in for a quick speed run. If your a Sonic fan, it's a must buy and even if you are not, the game makes a good addition to any collection.