User Rating: 10 | Sonic Generations X360

the story: is that sonics friends threw him a birthday party but a weird alien thing called the time eater comes out of... time and sucks up sonics friends and sonic has to save them by revisiting old levels of the series then you meet your older self after the second boss after that you must go through past levels of sonics past as both pudgy classic sonic and speedy modern sonic while beating bosses and collecting chaos emeralds and meet up with the time eater that you learn is being controlled by eggman

the gameplay: though the story is mediocre the gameplay MORE than makes up for it considering that there are two awesome styles of gameplay classic and modern classic being strictly 2D and heavily platformed levels and modern speedy sonic with 3D and 2D this is my favorite style because its balanced between speed and platforming and the rival battles are really fun too metal sonic must be avoided and attacked shadow must be beaten by getting spheres and silver must be beaten by homing attacking on to stuff not to mention the level design for the rival battles and levels in general is my favorite in the entire series

replay value: this game is huge it has alot to do after the main game from beating all the bosses and rivals on hard to getting all the music and art work to even speed running through your favorite levels and theres always getting every achievement

FINAL LEVEL: this final level sucks in my opinion this is the game that killed super sonic the final boss sucks you must boost to get to the time eater but if you hold down the boost button all the way your time of this will triple your supposed to hold it for until the boost sound effect stops and repeat until done

im not going to give out the levels and boss fights for the people that want to see them but if you want to see them and want to see how good i play at this look up sonic generations on my youtube channel