Best Sonic game on the current systems!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Sonic Generations PS3
Sonic Generations really brings back that classic Sonic gameplay style and mixes it with the 3D stuff to create one of the best sonic games I've played since I was a kid playing Genesis. Every level has 2 parts to it, the classic side scrolling and the 3D part. So you get to play the best of both worlds. Besides that the levels look absolutely beautiful there are so many different locales and that classic sonic speed is def. alive in this game. You get to collect and unlock a bunch of different things. There are a variety of characters from the Sonic world you can interact with. Upgrades make an appearance in this game. You can upgrade minor things that don't really effect the gameplay too much but it does create some depth to it. For example you can choose to start off a level with auto. 10 coins or make it so if you get by an enemy you don't fall backwards. The bosses are pretty cool in this game also. Sonic Generations requires some patience as you will probably fly off the level and die a bunch of times like I did. It can get really frustrating at times when your character doesn't go a certain direction you want it to or you can't see everything from the camera angle. This platformer doesn't run as smoothly as Rayman Origin's does but this is still one of the best sonic games I've ever played. All in all if your a fan of Sonic or just a platformer I'de def. invest the money and get a copy of this game.