Sega if you made Sonic games like this Sonic wouldn't have the reputation he has today.

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Generations PS3

Lets not beat around the bush Sonic doesn't have the greatest name out their these days with games like Sonic 06, Sonic R, Shadow The hedgehog, and many more less then stellar titles. that a lot of people dislike he doesn't have the greatest reputation, Sega has tried to turn him around with Sonic colors and also Generations and while I can't say if Colors is any good since I haven't got a chance to play it yet I can say Generations is one of their best Sonic games in years.

Story: So basically the whole story starts when Sonic and friends are having a party, it's interrupted by this creature that is referred to as the time eater. He rips through time and space bringing Sonic and Tails from the past to meet their future self. The main plot is basically Sonic and his younger self restoring time in their world and trying to stop the Time Eater. The plot is pretty much garbage, but I didn't really expect much, but I would of just been happy if they didn't even make a plot at all, and just made these HD levels with no rhyme or reason to why they are their in the Sonic universe. The story doesn't make a huge impact on this game, but like I said it's Unnecessary.

Presentation: Do I really need to say anything that every Sonic fan already knows? This new coat of painting on these old Sonic levels look breathtaking, I can not describe how extraordinary the new design to these new levels look all I can say is just the new look alone to these levels is worth the purchase alone. So I guess since Sonic 06 there has been a lot of new voice actors, I don't know this for a fact but i'm sure like a lot of other TV shows, video games, ETC, they moved on due to the constant decline of the Sonic series which is a complete shame due to poor choices by Sega. and this is really disappointing because they used to be really amazing characters that had personality and charm to them and it's truly disappointing seeing such great characters, being played by amateur lackluster voice actors. The soundtrack to this game is mesmerizing it's some of the most captivating Sonic music already, redone and made even better if that's even possible, the music in this game is outstanding. Sonic games are always known to have some of the best music ever, and to remake some of these classics and make them even better is quite an attainment. One thing I also wanted to say is that you can pick from an enormous list of sonic music from previous installments and listen to them on any stage you want, this may seem like a cheap thrill but it's kind of nice to have because when you fail doing some of the challenges of these levels over and over again, because they are difficult, it's nice to have the choice of not having to hear certain songs over and over again.

Gameplay: The gameplay is split into two parts in this game, one part that favors old Sonic fans with classic Sonic and another part that favors new Sonic fans, with regular Sonic. A lot of people were annoyed that Sega had to cater to both Sega fan boys because a lot of people feel that Sonic fans are unreasonable, I don't agree with this, In fact Nintendo gets a lot of crap for some of the things they do but I don't hear people calling their fans unreasonable, when a lot of the time they really are, so I know I'm going on a rant but all I'm saying is this is not an unreasonable request by the fans and it is also neither an unreasonable request from Sega to want to put this in their game. Now that I finished ranting lets talk about the actual gameplay(whoops guess I should have labeled this rant and gameplay, huh.... huh???? lol) both level designs for both Sonic's, are some of the best level designs I have ever, seen I mean remakes of these levels can only be described as perfect I mean they are literally flawless. their flow is perfect, the platforming is perfect, their are certain paths you can take when you get really good at the game to go even faster through the level, This is how you design a Sonic game, this makes me so proud when I play these levels knowing that Sega actually have the talent to make such fantastic level designs, but yet it also makes me very irritated that they get too lazy to actually try like they did in this game, and not do the same with their other games. One thing I was kind of disappointed with this game though is the lack of levels, look these levels are amazing, but I wish their were more this is the Ps3(or Xbox 360) I'm sure their is enough storage on the disc to make more levels, why couldn't they have more? A minor gripe but if they make a sequel to this one I sure hope they make a lot more. The boss battles in this one aren't that great in this one also(with the exception of Chaos) in fact the final boss is one of the worst boss battles I've ever played but I will get to that in a minute, and also like I said only three boss battles, come on, just a couple more please. Their really isn't a whole lot you can use to describe the gameplay in Sonic Generations because it's your usual Sonic game that everyone has heard about, but it's done in such a way that this installment might even be one of the best Sonic games out there.

(Spoiler Alert) The final boss is the Time Eater, both Sonic's turn into Super Sonic and chase after it in one of the most dull boss battles I have ever played, all you have to do is run into the core of the boss by boosting that's all you do while dodging obstacles, in fact a lot of the mechanics in this battle aren't even needed, you don't need to switch to Classic Sonic and you don't need to throw classic sonic at him, and it doesn't even have any affect on him anyways so whats the point? This is one of the most disappointing ends to one of the best Sonic games I have played in a long time. After this Sonic tells Classic Sonic that he's got a great future to look ahead.... Really? do i even have to say anything? like come on are they serious with that?

Overall Sonic generations is an outstanding game, besides the lackluster Story(which shouldn't be taken seriously anyways) and a really bad boss battle in the end. The game is pretty much flawless and any sonic fan should have every bit of incentive to buy this game.