A great game with memorable levels but too short.

User Rating: 8.5 | Sonic Colours DS
Sonic games on the Nintendo DS are mostly 2D with 2.5D boss levels.Sonic Colors also shares the same game play as the Sonic Rush series and is also very good.But the thing the game lacks is number of levels.Each level has just 2 acts with 3 short missions and a boss fight.That's all?The special stages are also very easy and it is not much irritating as the special stages in Sonic Rush.The game is too easy,you can just finish it in 2 days.But if you look at it in one way,it is fun and has a variety of fun levels,each with their own special wisps.The boss fights are way too good and lots of fun.My favorite levels are Planet Wisp and Asteroid Coaster.Sonic Colors is a fun handheld game.There could have been other playable characters in the game like Shadow and Blaze.The missions could have even allowed you to play as other involved characters,for example Silver.