Sonic Colors my top 3 favorite game!

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Colours WII
Sonic Colors is a game that has a fun story to it. Plus it has the amazing add ons like different colors represents different powers. The Speed of Sonic is just right it's one of the smoothest games I had ever played and the reason why I give it a 10.0 is because. This Sonic game brings back the fun times. Like It makes you wanna keep on playing and figure out what the story is. This is without question my 3rd favorite game because Sonic I grew up playing them and this is one of the best. GO SEGA SONIC TEAM! :) For Sega to finally make the right Sonic game is great because I remember at first i looked at the game and thought it wasn't gonna be a very good game. Buy the game and i cant hardly stop playing it. I highly recommend anybody to buy this game. Especially if you wanna play for fun or even a great Story.