Nothing could have prepared me for the epic path that laid ahead in Sonic Colors

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Colours WII
This game was just so epic, even epic couldn't top the epicness that spewed from it! I mean seriously, where are the flaws in this game? I cannot spot any. Not one flaw has been made in this game!
Sonic Colors is perhaps the best Sonic game I have ever played, then again there is also Sonic Generations. The comparison of the two is extremely hard and I honestly don't know (even as a hardcore Hedgehog fan) which of the two are better.
For a long time I considered Sonic Adventure as the greatest Sonic game of all time, as great as Sonic was I even said that there isn't another Sonic game alive that could hold a candle to it. But in the recent times I have played this I really don't think I can continue to say the same. It's hard, very very very hard. Perhaps if they added the Chao Garden and other playable characters then I would be able to decide.
But enough ranting about just how comparable other Sonic games are. Sonic Colors is just too amazing for words. The artwork and graphics fit it so perfectly and the boards were absolutely breathtaking. I would say that I wasn't really hung on by the fact that the boss fights were repetitive but I really didn't care because the boss fights were still fun beyond measure.
I am truly waiting for the day when they finally decide to make Knuckles and everybody else playable characters once again. When that day comes, well you can bet your bottom dollar I WILL buy it on the first day.
Sonic Forever.