It's okay, but the reviews make it sound alot better.

User Rating: 7 | Sonic Colours WII
I bought Sonic Colors because all the reviews I read said it was the first truly great Sonic game in a long time. The truth is, while this game is good, it still has some flaws. Comparing it to other recent Sonic games, it is far superior to alot of them. The gameplay itself is good. Fairly smooth controls, interesting Wisp powers, and eye-catching locales, all give the game some undeniable level of fun. What holds this game back though is the level design. It fails to capture the same kind of speed that the daytime levels in Sonic Unleashed did. The game switches between 3D and side-scrolling segments of levels, with a dismal lack of the entertaining 3D portions. Also among this game's hindrances (yeah, I use big words like that) is a dissappointing lack of enemies. The fun of the original Sonic games was not just in running through high-speed challenges, it was in killing evil robots along the way. There is also an annoying abundance of obstacles. The game seems bent on slowing you down to make you think instead of doing what you bought the game to do: RUN! Instead of blazing through the levels, relying on twitch reflexes to survive, you have to overcome puzzles and tests of dexterity. At the heart of the problem are the wisps. First off, they are honestly not all that great. Second, the game makes excessive use of them. If the powers were suited to speed and using them on the fly, they would fit in fine. Instead, you have to stop, think, activate the power, and then use your powers to get past a series of obstacles. The 3D segments are significantly more fun. While you will occasionally be annoyed by them, they are usually pretty entertaining and focus a great deal more on speed and taking out enemies than the side-scrolling parts. If there were only more of these, this game would deserve a perfect ten. Why so much side-scrolling, Sega? Why?