A few pointless additions and removals, but this definetly deserves the word "classic" in its title.

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Classic Collection (Limited Edition) DS
Sonic finally gives us an awesome port of his best games on a handheld console and, boy, is it ever good! It could use a few more games and extras like the previous sonic collections, but it's a tremendous start! The Games are the core part of this compilation, so I'll start there.

The games are all very well emulated, but the resizing of the original game screen to the nintendo DS screen really makes Sonic 1 and 2 look........awkward. The Music and SFX are well ported as well. I especially like what they did with the music in the games when you get a super sneaker! (speed-up item) Instead of the music speeding up a lot, it speeds up a little and the music sounds higher!

Now, the pointless additions and removals to this game. Pointless addition: the illustrations that we have all seen before. But they don't even show them all! If that's all you care about, then I suggest you buy Sonic Gems Collection or Sonic Jam. (the game that most of this is based on) Pointless Removals: Most of the illustrations, 2-Player Modes, the Grand-Prix mode from Sonic 3, and last, no Blue Sphere? Another bummer about this game is that there are no unlockables. Those are always fun.

Now also last, but not least, the Credits! Lots of fun sprites and emeralds fly up the screen as you quiz yourself. What Game is that from. Some sprites and emeralds are from games that aren't even part of this game though.

This game is now on sale for 20$. But, trust me. It's worth every penny!