Sonic Battle Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Easy win

    In Rouge's story, there is one battle where you have to run away from Rouge without being hit. But if you simply pause and quit the battle, you will automatically win. Also, in the Tail's story, the Knuckles' battle can be win by pausing and quit!

    Contributed by: jamescom1 

  2. Unlockable Characters

    These are the characters you can unlock through the course of Sonic Battle's Story Mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat him in Emerl's Story. Chaos 0
    Defeat him in Story Mode. Gamma

    Contributed by: Guardian_CD 

  3. Gerald's Journal

    You must beat Story Mode with every character. After this is done you can go back and play the stories again. After beating them, you will get to read part of Gerald's Journal!

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Sonic's story again Gerald's Journal entry #1
    Beat Tail's story again Gerald's Journal entry #2
    Beat Rouge's story again Gerald's Journal entry #3
    Beat Knuckle's story again Gerald's Journal entry #4
    Beat Amy's story again Gerald's Journal entry #5
    Beat Cream's story again Gerald's Journal entry #6
    Beat Shadow's story again Gerald's Journal entry #7
    Beat Emerl's story again Gerald's Journal entry #8

    Contributed by: the zelda master 

  4. Green Hill

    Clear Emerl's episode in Story mode. Upon completion, Green Hill should be available as a stage in Battle mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Emerl's episode Green Hill

    Contributed by: bcornelia 

  5. Unlockable Mini-Games

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Knuckle's episode in story mode. Mine Hunt Mini-Game
    Beat Tails' section in story mode. Mini-game Fly and Get
    Complete Shadow's episode in story mode. Speed Demon Mini-Game
    Complete Amy's episode in story mode. Treasure Island Mini-Game

    Contributed by: gsren, Phweemaggot 

  6. SonicTeam Building Passwords.

    Enter these at the Sonic Team Building in Emerl's Story

    Effect Effect
    alogK Obtain "Amy Combo" Card
    EkiTa Obtain "Chaos Combo" Card
    ZAhan Obtain "Cream Combo" Card
    tSueT Obtain "E-102" Combo Card
    yU3Da Obtain "Knuckles Combo" Card
    AhnVo Obtain "Rouge Combo" Card
    ArmIa Obtain "Shadow Combo" Card
    75619 Obtain "Sonic Combo" Card
    OTrOI Obtain "Tails Combo" card.

    Contributed by: King Edgar 0, Rayor, RadRil, TurboKiller F.K.A. 

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