Should I pick this up for while it's on sale?

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It's on sale this week for 400 MS points and the DX upgrade is 200 points. I have Sonic Adventure DX for gamecube, but I enjoyed the game overall and it's been a long time since I played it, so do you guys think it's worth 5 bucks? I know that this version doesn't support widescreen though.

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Yes i highly reccomend this game. Even though im sure its not onsale anymore, im not sure if you bought it or not either, but even at full price i think that this game is worth it. i wouldnt buy the dx upgrade until after you beat the game though, as mission mode you can only play after beat each characters story. IE if you beat sonics story, youll unlock him in mission, but only him, the others youd have to beat as well to unlock metal sonic is only unlocked after getting all of the games emblems, so again, i wouldnt reccomend buying the upgrade until after you beat it. still a great port though, other than some bugs here and there.