The Best 3-D Sonic game yet.

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Reprint) GC
Sonic is back and is the 1st sonic game to come for the Gamecube. The game features 2 different stories of being good or evil. You can play as the good guys or bad guys, yet you have to beat both stories so you can unlock the secret story. Eggman is back this time he has infiltrated the Military base to find their secret weapon. Then he soon realizes that the secret weapon is none other than Shadow the hedgehog that looks like a clone of Sonic but in red and black. Shadow tells to Eggman about a secret space colony that has a cannon powered by chaos emeralds and it can destroy an entire planet. So they go in search of the emeralds and that's were Rouge comes in to take the mission of finding 3 of them in a military base, later the police captures Sonic because they confuse him with Shadow, but then Tails comes in and saves him, and then they discover Eggman's plan, so they go and find Eggman and stop his evil plan.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle brings Sonic once again running around on each mission defeating all of the robots on the way. He can go through crazy loops, jumping on poles and bouncing around everywhere, is all really cool, mostly because you do it really fast feeling the speed. There are some camera issues here and there but they don't affect bigly the game's speed and cool action. You will sometimes go through rails and jump from one rail to another. Sonic will encounter Shadow as his mini boss fight in the forest, is pretty easy just doing homing attacks when he stops and is not seeing you. He will also encounter a robot machine that flies around and shoots at you, you must wait when he goes down to the floor and starts shooting missiles at you, then at that time you do a homing attack on his cockpit and he will take damage and repeat the process until he finally dies. You may also have boxes around unless he blow them up and while he is flying you can jump on a box and try to do a homing attack at him. Shadow has the same type of missions but with different objects and environment but is the same gameplay. With Shadow you will face Sonic and he can be defeated the same way as Shadow. And just like any other Sonic game this one instead of using a health bar it uses rings as lives, if you have 0 and you get hit you die.

Then there is Knuckles and Rouge that consist of finding treasures like 3 pieces of the master emerald or 3 chaos emeralds (only Rouge). You will have radar that can help you locate the emerald. When the radar turns greens means you are close, yellow more close and red very close. You will have special computers that can give you clues on finding the treasure. You can also dig in the ground, but that is when you find the item that gives you the ability. There will be traps on the way that will make harder to get the treasure. This part of the game can get a bit tiresome, but the treasures are not insanely hard to find so you won't have any problems. Later on Knuckles and Rouge will face each other and battle, knuckles punches and Rouge kicks. Is nothing really hard you just got to be careful when the character will make a special attack and always check the amount of rings you have.

Then there is Tails and Eggman shooting with a machine all the robots around. Here things are simpler, you will mostly spend the time destroying all the robots around the place, flying from one floor to another and jumping at elevators. Is nothing really bad it is fun but it just needs more to it then just shooting and Tails is better without a machine because he can fly around and go through high places, yet is interesting is to play for the 1st time as Eggman in an adventure Sonic title. The boss battles between Tails and Eggman feel very bland because is just shooting madly at the other character and hiding from the other character. Now this 2 have a life bar because well is hard to get a lot of rings with them. You can always restore your health bar with rings you find along the way. Tails does a mini-game of running in the streets with his machine transformed into a car, finding and chasing the president's limo.

Last is the Chao Garden that is nothing really special just the fact the gardens are quite big and beautiful to check out. Here you can take care of the cute little creatures called chao, and raise them by giving them animals you find on a stage and energy tubes that are inside every robot except the boss ones. By giving them those animals and energy they can grow stronger and compete in competitions of karate and racing and become the champion. Is a cute addition to the game that may not be for everyone but they are just so cute to miss unless you turn them into devils that is.

In Sonic you can expect smooth looking characters and nice animations and emotions between them. The level design is really original and is really well done. Tough you can expect a few blocky stuff here and there some of the special effects can appeal you and some cut scenes are done in realistic look. The camera in this game can be clunky at times when getting stuck against a wall while running but like Mario sunshine it won't happen frequently that can affect the gameplay. Yet this is by far the best looking sonic game.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle offers great voiceovers on each character that personalize their style. The music is varied with mostly rock and some pop and rap, they all shine and give life to the experience. Is also really cool that each character has their own theme music, and most of them are really good. In the sound effects you can expect sounds from your gadgets that are pretty cool. The explosions sound pretty well, that make you feel the boom.

Sonic's game delivers a fresh multiplayer by racing other characters, looking for the treasure or just shooting at each other with machines. The multiplayer is very solid specially with racing Sonic and Shadow. Finding treasure is more fun in multiplayer because you can annoy the other player. The Single player story both Hero and Dark are short but once you finish both you will unlock a secret one, but is not really a long one. You also have the challenge to collect all of the emblems to unlock special features like driving new cars and you also have the big challenge to receive the A rank all of the missions to receive new costumes for your character, sadly they can only be use on the multiplayer mode. Yet playing the single player story can be fun but not so much the finding treasure and shooting levels.

While Sonic Adventure 2 is a port from the dreamcast version, it still adds better graphics and a solid multiplayer. Sonic fans will dig this one out, if you never play a Sonic game before, this is a great start. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is by far the best sonic 3-D game yet.