The greatest 3-D Sonic game!

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Adventure 2 DC
Sega got it right with Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. They got it even better with Sonic Adventure 2! This game is one of the best games for the system and I recommend it to anyone. It has just enough to keep you busy. All of the mini-games, the chao garden, and the massive story it self! The story is unique because you can play as the Hero's or the villains. To add to that, there's a final story involving both! This game has everything that could have been improved from the first one. The only thing this one doesn't have that the first one does, is the hub world. Its not a huge difference but long time fans of the first game will notice it. Overall this game is really enjoyable and is a must get for any Dreamcast owner, if you can't get it on the Dreamcast, it is also available for the Gamecube, Xbox Live Arcade, and PSN.