Sonic the Hedgehog Platformer

User Rating: 8.5 | Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Reprint) GC
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, a remake from the original that was released on the Dreamcast, this game came out in 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube. While skeptical I decided that since I no longer had my own Dreamcast, I would buy the game to try it out, since I really enjoyed the Dreamcast edition. Like the original, the story is rather dark for a Sonic game, having multiple threats of character death, a chance for the planet to be blown up, and dark backstory regarding one of the new characters of the series from this game, Shadow the Hedgehog. All in all, it's defiantly not the worst Sonic plot I've ever seen, but it's not anywhere near the best either. I enjoy the speed stages of Sonic and Shadow quite a bit, sticking true to the blue blur's roots with high speed gameplay and plenty of sections that require you to think on your feet, such as City Escape's trick ramps and Sky Rail's grind areas. I also enjoy the shooting sections, though not nearly as much as the speed levels. I prefer Dr. Eggman to Tails though, as since Tails was a shoe-in character at the last second, Eggman's levels were more thought out. The hunting I don't have anything against most of them, but I absolutely HATE Meteor Herd and Mad Space. Both are WAY too big to be open ended hunting levels, and Mad Space has a stupid gravity gimmick to boot. I love the music in this game. Every stage theme is catchy, with some catching on more then others *Cough* City Escape *Cough* but all of them are memorable in their own right. The control is also nice, until we reach the biggest problem with said control, the camera. While it decides to function perfectly fine most of the time, there will be points where it decides to either spaz out, or position itself behind a wall. Either way results in you not being able to see where you are going, and can lead to some pretty frustrating deaths at some points. The graphics are still nice though it is disappointing that most of it was copy and paste, with certain areas looking worse in this version then the old one. (I.E. Comparing the lighting in certain cut scenes) All in all, the game is rather good and I'd recommend it for any Sonic or platforming fan. To a casual gamer, I'd say approach with caution, and be prepared for a few surprises, Swift out.