My opinion on SA2

User Rating: 1 | Sonic Adventure 2 DC
SA2 is a game that has gotten worse as the years go on, before I talk about the bad stuff, lets talk about the good stuff. Sonic & shadows game play style are great, they have that classic speed and minimal platforming, i think sonic has the better stages, maybe i think that because he has more stages i dont know. The chao garden is too fun not to mess around in ( unless you’re somecallmejohnny ). Pumpkin hill, must i say more, the music is pretty good, i dont think it’s better than SA1’s music, but its still good, on to the bad stuff, knuckles/rouge game play style isn’t that great, starting off the radar was butchered, it can only detect 1 emerald piece at a time unlike in SA1 where you can detect all the pieces at once, so you can be right next to a emerald, but it won’t signal if it isn’t the one the game wants you to detect, also this may just be me but i felt like knuckles is faster than he was in SA1, rouge is also too fast, their stages are also not great, okay pumpkin hill is good, but the rest of the stages aren’t great there are alot of tight hallways which doesn’t work with knuckles/rouges speed and also the stages are huge and take a long time to finish. Before i move on to tails/eggman, lets talk about mad space one of rouges stages, this is probably the biggest treasure hunting stage, the level has terrible gravity controls, the radar makes the the level 10 times worse, and the hints are BACKWARDS!!!!!... anyways onto tails/eggman... oh god, okay lets discuss the Elefhant in the room, WHY THE F**K IS TAILS IN A MECH, tails gameplay style in SA1 was perfectly fine, SO WHY WASNT IT IN SA2, whats worse is when you go into the chao garden as tails hes out of his mech, he has good ground speed, and he can fly, that just stupid i understand why eggman is in the mech but tails no. Onto the actual gameplay it self it is the worst part about this game, the mechs are super clunky, especially compared to E102-gamma from SA1, the levels are... well... well they don’t overstay their welcome like the treasure hunting stages do, they can still be sluggish, its mostly because of how clunky the mechs are, because the level design isn’t horrible, it isn’t good but it isn’t bad, but the mechs completely ruin it. The level design on sonic & shadows is too linear especially compared to SA1, the level design on sonic/shaows stages are still good, but are too linear. The story is not good, but not bad, moving on. So SA2 is not a good game only 1/3 of the game is good but the rest isnt good, also this is my opinion, if you like this game, that’s perfectly fine, its just my opinion.